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xknb xaokaga x...ish xI'm making these into keychains for myself I'm trash lol
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xjeaneren xthe last ova man... but i still love the knbs... xsnk xi want them to be HAPPY
01770-deactivated20140910 said:
who is that kid in ur bg

the messiah

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give me a ship/character and a number, and get headcanons/a ficlet/a six word or similarly shortish story/a gifset, edit, or picspam/a fanart/a mix/whatever else I feel like doing for:
1: All night diner at two in the morning AU
2: Art school, museum, gallery, etc. AU
3: Ballet, tap, interpretive, modern, some kind of dance AU (professional dance, dance classes, high school dances, burlesque or stripper AUs, anything as long as dance is involved somehow)
4: Bakery, coffee shop, ice cream place, restaurant, etc. AU
5: Car breaks down in the middle of nowhere AU
6: Dimly lit intimate music club or karaoke bar AU
7: Exobiology AU (the search for and study of extraterrestrial life)
8: Figure skating, ice dancing, etc. AU (elaborate costumes optional but encouraged)
9: Gift shop, knick knack shop, curiosities shop, etc. AU
10: Hipster, punk, goth, etc. AU
11: Hockey AU (ice hockey, field hockey, table hockey, tonsil hockey, whatever)
12: Indie bookstore, record store, comic shop, etc. AU
13: Journalist, news blogger, gossip blogger, etc. AU
14: Library AU
15: Masquerade-less AU (vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural beings are known and integrated into society however you want)
16: Merfolk or other aquatic mythical creatures AU
17: Musicians/band/something of this nature AU
18: Nanny, babysitter, childcare, etc. AU
19: Nymphs and nature spirits AU
20: Office job AU (hilarious shenanigans optional but encouraged)
21: Performance artists AU
22: Pet rescue/shelter volunteer AU
23: Queer bar/bookstore/advocacy group/coffee shop/setting of your choice AU
24: Renaissance festival or other historical reenactment AU
25: Teachers and/or teachers' aides AU
26: Theatre AU (theatre kids/university theatre department AU, professional theatre AU, community theatre AU, techies AU, local Rocky Horror shadow cast AU, investigating a ghost story in a haunted theatre AU, whatever you want, these are just some ideas)
27: Trans, genderqueer, nonbinary interpretations AU (pick an additional number for the setting, e.g. "32+2" for trans characters in an art school AU. NOTE: do feel free to make the characters trans and/or nonbinary without needing to have it specified, but definitely write trans and/or enby interpretations for this prompt)
28: Upstairs apartment over the used record store AU
29: Vineyard AU (visiting, owning, working at, whatever)
30: Wedding planner AU
31: Xerox machine shenanigans AU
32: Youtube/Vine/Vimeo/video-based social media celebrity AU
33: Zucchini AU (I have no idea what this means either, just do something with zucchinis, okay. take chances, get messy, make up AUs)
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Grafix shrink film sometimes shrinks so unevenly I wonder why I even is this brand but mostly it turns out well!
I recommend it in the end tho

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xselling custom keychains/stickers if anyone is interested xneed to pay for school somehow
Anonymous said:
The eren x jean was gross why the fuck did you do this

wait which one
I don’t mean to offend;;;

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Anonymous said:
Hello this is the anon that finally found you after she got her tumblr bacck!! tad sad to see you've been super busy, but thats okay! Hope everything is going well at school :) xxxxx

HEYYY!!! how you been?? I mean school is really a pain and boring and horrible, so I hope you’re better than me rn

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Who to make an icon of next

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xknb xhimuro tatsuya xmomoi satsuki xkuroko tetsuya xhanamiya makoto

I finally got a 3DS and have no games and my friend code is 1779-1038-2883!!!! Add me if you want to ÓuÒ Ahhhh I’m so happy

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xadd me if you want! xdelete later im excited

Can you guys rec me some knb blogs please PLEASE

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xaokuro xkuroko no basuke xmidorima xyeah im caught up with the manga