Eren: Why did the horse request to move stables..??

Jean: Why?? <:D

Eren: He couldn’t stand the neigh-bors!!!!


THE UPSTART NEW COMEDY DUO!!!!!!! their first show!! how will it end?? will they ever harness their potential?? probably this will happen but still tune in next time (…if you guys want more….?)

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xerenjean xjeaneren xJean Kirschtein xEren Jaeger xsnk xI got carried away xcomedy duo AU xit's so great i love this with the passion of a thousand uh passionfruit xI did a what is it eren UNINTENTIONALLY I'M SORRY xLONG POST xI got some jokes and they were all good and ilu guys!! wax-colorfully gave me this one xalso i had to split the first gif because of the godamm fucking size limit from hell xpixel art xcomic
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